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Wine Collars with Pizazz!

drip dickey®
Wine Collar ~ Drip Collar ~ Drip Ring

         Wine Collar ~ Drip Collar ~ Drip Ring

drip dickey wine collar
       Whether it's an intimate setting, festive gathering or a gift,
       adorn your bottle of wine with a drip dickey brand wine collar.
       Fancy flirts with function - our chic wine collars come in an
       array of designer styles and prevent dasterdly wine stains.
       Drip dickey wine collars are disposable, reusable or a keepsake.
       designer - promotional - event - monogrammed


          Intimate setting or a festive gathering...                                      
  drip dickey wine collar wine accessory      

              Add some Pizazz with a drip dickey!
                                  wine collar

                                  patent pending

      A drip dickey not only absorbs drips before cascading down the side
of the wine bottle and staining surfaces, it does it with style. Use a drip dickey
wine collar to simply accessorize the bottle. Though our drip collars gallantly
withstand multiple uses they can be disposed of once soiled or worn.
Ask for a drip dickey brand wine collar wherever wines are sold.
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                                    drip dickey wine collar wine accessory
     drip dickey wine collar wine accessory